2018 Road Trip… The Pictures!

Finally sorted through and pared down the photos from my recent road trip across the United States.  I usually set off on these with a “soft itinerary”, stopping longer/shorter at planned places, dropping some destinations and adding others if something catches my eye.

This is my fourth (fifth?) one as an adult, so you’ll probably see some of the common stops missing.  My route took me along the southern most route before turning northward to follow the Pacific coast and ending up on the Washington state peninsula.

Click to view each full album:

USS Alabama Monument

The Alamo

Carlsbad National Forest

Carlsbad Cavern

Roswell UFO Museum

White Sand National Monument

Painted Rock

Salton Sea

Joshua Tree

Pacific Coast

Humboldt Redwoods

Miscellaneous Pics!

Robbin Hill & Railroad Bridge

Native American Graffiti



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