Praise For Good, Cheap LARP Boots

Gearing up for a LARP can be a daunting prospect for new and old players alike. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a new game that you may not end up sticking with.  Footwear, in particular, is often overlooked. While there some very nice high-end manufacturers out there that offer lifetime footwear specifically for LARP and re-enactment, they can be very pricey.  For a new LARPer or a frugal veteran, Maelstrom Commando 9″ are my go to boots for basic LARPing.

At $30 it is hard to find a less expensive pair more durable, wicking, ventilated, comfortable boots with good support but not too restrictive to your movement. The treads are very hard wearing and will eat up anything you have to trek over short of actual lava (I’ve been on that adventure several times btw).

If you have very sensitive feet you might need to invest in some gel inserts, but generally speaking these boots require no “break in” and are comfortable out of the box. If you plan to LARP in extremely cold weather or do lots of stream crossings, invest in some water resistant/insulated socks, but otherwise these are fine for regular rain and temperature ranges.

Maintenance is minimal but will greatly extend the lifespan and appearance. Soft plastic bristle brush to clean the rubber parts and treads, damp cloth on the fabric uppers and black shoe polish and a shoe brush brings out a tolerable shine. Never machine wash or soak boots even if they are very muddy!

Yes, they look a bit “mil spec” in appearance but make/add a pair of spats or your favorite greaves and they’ll blend right in.

Seriously, do you feet and your fellow LARPers a favor and stop wearing running shoes!

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