Weekly Amusement Courtesy of Amazon’s “Hot Releases” News Feeds

Amazon Hot Release FeedsI get some much amusement out of the strangeness that flows into my newsreader via Amazon’s hot releases that I think this just may become a regular column at the Cafe. (IMHO) The best stuff comes from Amazon’s Industrial & Scientific products.  Sometimes, I can fathom what Amazon’s algorithm is doing to match me to these items, other times the logic is less clear.  This week, apparently I’m a survivalist, mad scientist with a touch of Viking with a drinking problem thrown in for good measure.

Here are some gems from this week

[amazon asin=B006IYTK2Q&template=Iframe Image][amazon asin=B005HYALEY&template=Iframe Image][amazon asin=B00657XV4O&template=Iframe Image] [amazon asin=B0069RMZYC&template=Iframe Image][amazon asin=B005T3FGIO&template=Iframe Image][amazon asin=B003DL8OS8&template=Iframe Image]

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