ASUS Transformer (Original) Over the Air Update

I really appreciate Asus keeping up the regular updates to their original Asus Transformer product… unlike some manufacturers who promptly stop doing updates once a new model is out or pending. This morning I was greeted by the Update notification alert.  While I was not “First!” by any stretch, I’m guessing I wasn’t last either so I’m sharing what I got for my fellow Asus owners.

This update brings a few small updates, no Ice Cream Sandwich* yet.

  • Improvements to some lag issues with certain applications and functions.
  • Improved HDMI output support for more devices.
  • Speed and stability improvements to the stock Android browser.
  • Fine-tuning of the audio performance of the device.
  • Patching the RazorClaw root exploit (buffer overflow vulnerability.

* Though there is some speculation that this updates lays some necessary groundwork for ICS.

You can check what version you are on by going to Settings | About Tablet.  You should be running Android version 3.2.1 and (scrolling down) Build number

Asus Transformer OTA 2012-01-01

If you haven’t received the update yet, you can activate your wireless and got to Settings | About Tablet and select the first item, System Firmware Update and select the Check Update button.  It is advised to have a well-charge battery or have your tablet plugged into its charger.  Power failure during any firmware update on any device can cause complications.



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