Apparently “I Can Haz Ice Cream Sandwich” on my “Aging” Samsung Galaxy S

Android Ice Cream SandwichI realize that technology is advancing at a blazing pace, with new advanced in tint control and bezel width making your current phone outdated mere minutes after you walk out of your carrier store, but when I learned that Samsung would not be supporting upgrades to phones so new that they were still under contract for most people, I was pretty disappointed. When I learned that the bloatware from the prior system (most of which I removed during a rooting) was part of the “limitation” I was even less amused. But our story may have a happy ending yet thanks to the ingenious efforts of the developer community at XDA Forums.


Detailed Instructions at XDA Forums

It’s an amazing effort and one I hope to take advantage of very soon. Only the lack of WiFi tethering (a feature I use quite a bit) is holding me back, but hopefully that hurdle will be cleared soon as well. For those that don’t use WiFi tethering and are comfortable with updating their phones, this might be a great way to increased the lifespan of an otherwise nice phone that is only a year and a half old.

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