“Guerrilla Grafters” Subversively Transform Sterile Urban Trees into Fruit Bearing Hybrids

I love these people.  I think it is pretty well known that urban developers and officials in some cities actively endorse  the use of male-only or non-fruit bearing varieties of trees (or make it illegal / against “code” to do otherwise). I can see their concerns about rats, but they make an excellent counterpoint about stewardship; just such a program was in place in Seattle for dealing with fruiting trees by Solid Ground.

The idea is to demonstrate how silly it is to be investing in growing plants in our urban environments, and yet not use those plants to provide multiple benefits to the populations that live there. But more than that, they say, they are setting out to “undo civilization, one branch at a time”, with the ultimate aim of turning city streets into food forests.

[youtube width=”475″ height=”297″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0osO1_FR_24[/youtube]

via Treehugger



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