Amusement Courtesy of Amazon’s “Hot Releases” News Feeds

Amazon Hot Release FeedsI started using Amazon’s hot releases news feeds a couple of weeks ago as yet another way to stay up to date on new music, books and video coming out. On a whim, I also added the feed for their Industrial & Scientific products. This less known corner of the Amazon store sells all sorts of oddities from lab supplies, to education kits, to potential arts & crafts supplies for those of a more gadgety bent. In between the updates about nuts and bolts, there are occasionally some cool gems. Here are a couple that I tagged over the last couple days.

Who wouldn’t want an Electro-magnet kit, some preserved frogs and laboratory distillation kit? After all, the holidays are just around the corner. 🙂

[amazon asin=B005Z37YBK&template=Iframe Image][amazon asin=B003SQ0QCK&template=Iframe Image][amazon asin=B005GXL9JM&template=Iframe Image]

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