Android Tablet, One Week and Eight Apps

ASUS Eee Pad TransformerI’m about a week into the Asus eee Pad Transformer tablet (powered by Android Honeycomb) and I’ve been working my way through use case scenarios and the Apps.  There are about eight broad categories that my Big List of Apps fall into:  Games, Productivity, System, Communications, Creativity, Entertainment, Information and Social. Everything below is available as a free app but enhanced paid version are available for many, and it is always a good idea to drop a buck or two back to developer community as “donation” ware.

Plants vs Zombies: One of those clever games that relies on raw additivity over processing roasting power. This app has also resulting in Pip taking a marked interest in the Tablet platform. Her simple “THIS is a good game” while tapping away intently but not lookin up speaks volumes.

Evernote: Although the app version is still not as robust as the desktop version (and it’s killing me), the seamless synchronization across multiple platforms is the killer feature that keeps me coming back.

DropBox: Sure, copying files over on Android is a simple as docking, dragging and dropping, but on a device that spends so much time on wifi networks, DropBox is almost a no-brainer.

ES File Explorer: Even on a non-rooted device, this app gives users the back end access that so many of us crave. Add in access to shared LAN resources and your Android device has all the access it needs without the restrictions many of the use-specific solutions are subject to.

Kindle eBook Reader: I still don’t own many eBooks but I do like what Amazon has done with the format (as opposed to the process). With the ability make one’s own eBook in this growing format, it seemed like a safe bet for when I do get around to embracing eBooks a bit more.

Google Earth, Sky & Body: I sort of rolled these all into one because they fall into that “obsessive need for generic data”. They really are a great suite of data for folks that want to learn more about the world/universe.

Craigsnotifca: Build custom Craigslist searches and this app will scour Craigslist for matches at regular intervals and uses Android’s built in notification system.  Just the thing for finding that gently used Hobie Adventure Kayak.

Seesmic: Multi-platform social network monitoring and updating. Though I don’t need every platform it supports, it’s nice to have all this wrapped into one app instead of spread out across a family of apps.

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