Rejection Humor

FromWikipedia’s article on Dick DeBartolo regarding his first attempt at getting published

“I wrote a sample script (“A TV Ad We Would Like to See”) and sent it on to them. I had read in an article that writers should always send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a script they were submitting. That way, if the script was rejected you would get it back. Otherwise, it is just tossed out. Weeks later, I got back my own envelope. I was so disappointed. Then I figured I would open it in case it was a “nice try” kind of reject. But inside my envelope was cardboard. And scribbled on the cardboard was a note from associate editor Nick Meglin. It said: “Ha ha, thought we rejected your script, but we bought it! Stapled to this cardboard is your check! Please call us about writing more stuff for us!”

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  1. copyboy24 says:

    Ah, the innocent days of the early ’60s. Today, DeBartolo would’ve gotten his original envelope back stuffed in a larger envelope along with a tersely worded letter from a lawyer: “We do not accept unsolicited submissions.”

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