Roadtrip 2010 Ft. Bragg, CA to Monesto, CA

Just a quick update and dashboard camera for yesterday’s leg of the road trip, 2010-09-05. I’ve left the California coast and traveled inland in preparation for a long day of travel tomorrow over some large open areas. Rather than find myself hunting for lodgings at the end of the day with no data service on my phone, I decided to stop early in Modesto, get some rest and catch up on my logging. Right now my big dilemma is the Sierra Nevada. Because of it, the roads and sites I’m interested in, I either have to cross into the eastern part of the state to see Mono Lake and Death Valley or continue down the middle of the state and visit King’s Canyon and the Sequoia. Although I’ve seen the Sequoia before, that is no reason not to enjoy them again. On the other hand, I’ve never seen Mono Lake or Death Valley.

Arggh, why can’t I have the power of teleportation at will? Time lapse video after the cut. No stills today. Although I wanted to pull over and take some pictures of a huge wind farm I drove through, the shoulder seemed to be restricted to emergencies and “CHiPs” were out in force. Probably as part of Labor Day activities.

Time Lapse Dashboard Camera Video

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