Because There Simply Isn’t Enough Crap Coming Out the Back of Your Computer

decklink_studioProfessional video production folks have my sympathy, really, they do.  The good software is expensive, the hardware requirements for any reasonable performance is generally top notch and that’s after you consider the hoops they often have to to go to get footage on the computer in the first place (I nearly wept the time I had to track down a Betamax player for a client with some… archival footage).  However, it took my coming across Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink Studio card to really bring just what they’re facing into focus.  Here’s a quick summary of what this card can handle handle:

  • RS-422 Deck control
  • Genlock
  • Component Out
  • Component In
  • AeS/eBU In
  • AeS/eBU Out
  • Analog Audio In (4 channels)
  • Analog Audio Out (4 channels)
  • Composite In
  • Composite Out
  • S-Video In
  • S-Video Out
  • HD/SD-SDI In
  • HD/SD-SDI Out

And for some inexplicable reason.. no HDMI (though you probably have that already on most modern higher end desktops).  Now, anyone up for spending a few grand on Monster brand gold, karma, ionic breeze, pixie dust cables? 🙂

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