Kayak Outing

Yesterday morning I borrowed Astrid’s kayak and went for a long outing around the Seattle waterways.  I’ve seen kayakers around the wetland park near MOHAI and decided to try to get there myself.  From Ballard Mill Marina its about 10-11 miles round trip by water.  The way out was perfect with calm waters, modest wind and little in the way of other boaters.  By the time I was heading back though, it was headwind and a few boaters pushing the “no wake” law.  No complaints though, bobbing up and down out on Union Bay gave me a chance to practice handling choppier water and to build my confidence for more challenging waters soon.

I didn’t snap as many pictures as I’d like, because I’m a bit cautious with my non-waterproof electronics but a few folks got photos sent to them via the Android G1.

Picture gallery and map after the cut.

Seattle Kayaking 2009-050-20 photo gallery

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