Twitter Digest: 2009-05-06

  • He’s your problem now… you bury him. #
  • Ok, this is just too cool for us coffee junkies: #
  • May your Cinco be muy Mayo. #
  • Encountered phrase I’m not familiar with “killing the monkey to spare the chickens”. Chinese in origin? Something lost in translation. #
  • Ugh, woman walking across street with tribe proudly gesturing that she has 7. Uhm, this is not biblical times. A little restraint people. #
  • BuddyPress; WordPress powered social network. Very cool looking stuff; half tempted to set one up for fun: #
  • The score from Coraline has some really nice ambient/atmosphere tracks. Just the thing for certain games. #
  • Did you know you can buy generic, replacement keys for many models of vehicle tire “boots”? Simply fascinating. 🙂 #

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