Twitter Digest: 2009-05-03

  • Oh sure, just because I need them, my T6 & Spudger are almost certainly at the bottom of the farthest box in the corner of my storage unit. #
  • Bah, why does wifi cut out AFTER you buy your coffee? Android G1 tethered modem to the rescue… sorta. 3G is less impressive on a laptop. #
  • A watched CHKDSK never verifies. #
  • Yikes, scary. Gives a whole different meaning to the phrase “tip of the hat”: #
  • Think I’ll try sourdough now… even if I don’t have an Uber-Mixer like SOME people. 😉 #
  • Wow, Brother Tarp’s story and the keepsake he gives the Invisible Man. Powerful. #
  • Sourdough was passable, but I wouldn’t write home about it. Syn74x sent me the recipes for Challah and a clone of the Outback bread. Yum! #
  • Oh hey, Pushing Daisies started back up! How did I miss that? #

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