Site Maintenance, Updates & Downtime

Well, I’ve been putting it off for ages, but I REALLY need to update WordPress on my server.  Cafe Arcane will be unavailable during this process.  How long?  That really depends on how much tweaking my plugins and my theme will need to work with WordPress 2.7.1.

Speaking of themes, I’m thinking its time for a site face lift again.

UPDATE #1: Core functions and database updated.  Next step theme tweaking, plugin compatibility and widget wrangling.

UPDATE #2: Most plugins working with existing theme, expect for “Themed Login and Register“, may  have to ditch it. Next stop… those buggy widgets.

UPDATE #3: More plugins that don’t cut it in 2.7.1; Link Indication, WP Mobile Edition, Themed Login.  Activated these seems to bork parts of the Admin section of WordPress 2.7.1.  I’ll need to tweak them or find replacements later.  Also Post Ratings plugins don’t seem to automatically update any more (I’ll do them manually later). That’s enough WordPress for now.

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