Trip Itinerary: Sea Kayaking

Tomorrow morning I’ll be taking the sea kayak (courtesy of Astrid) out again for a longer outing.  Weather permitting, I plan to leave from Ballard Mills Marina around sunrise (8-8:30am). From there, I’ll be kayaking Southeast through Salmon Bay, though Fremont Canal and into Lake Union.  I will circle the coast of Lake Union counter-clockwise, passing Gas Works Park before heading back into the Fremont Canal and returning to Ballard Mills Marina.  If  the GPS and Camera are cooperating, I’ll post some coordinates and pictures here afterwords.

Cyberduck, my ever diligent native guide, has warned me that the waters around Seattle are rife with murderous sea life, including the dreaded giant octopus. However, I will will take his advice and smear myself liberally with fresh fish oil to repel all manner of marine threats.

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3 Responses

  1. Astrid says:

    As seen in the “Goonies” deleted scenes, the dreaded giant octopus can be a mighty foe towering over you at almost three stories high.

  2. Mystech says:

    That is a whole lot of of tako nigiri. I’ll be sure to pack the larger of my two bamboo sushi mats.

  1. January 9, 2009

    […] There was a bit of dew on the kayak, so I wiped it down and checked everything out before putting it in the water.  I really like the look and feel of sea kayaks compared to river kayaks.  I know its a sacrifice of speed over maneuverability but they just strike me as sleek and eager to “go”.  Checked my gear and, of course, my digital camera picked this moment to go all grumpy on me, but at least the G1’s GPS fired up without a fuss  (nifty GPS track maps after the cut).  PFD strapped on and hard-shell jacket zipped up I was ready to go.  Using Astrid’s trick of wedging the kayak with the dock bumpers make hopping in remarkably easy.  After a few feet away from the dock, I lowered the skeg (which I would come to appreciate greatly later on) and slowing paddled out of the marina area and into Salmon Bay.  I was immediately pleased with the absence of Giant Killer Octopus*. […]

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