Encyclopedia Apologies

Due to continued attacks by automated spam bots, I’ve had to take the Encyclopaedia Brythenica off-line.  The normal MediaWiki measures and Captcha system are not sufficient to prevent the commercial postings and I am not in a position to manually administrate the wiki at this time.  My thanks to those individuals who attempted to mitigate the spam.

As time and opportunity allows, I may investigate options to correct the problem, but for the moment, I believe this is the best solution to prevent further corruption of the data in the wiki.  Thank for your understanding.

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6 Responses

  1. Brandes Stoddard says:

    Regrettable, but your response is perfectly reasonable.

  2. Mystech says:

    Thanks, Brandes. I’m glad you understand.

  3. syn74x says:

    i’m impressed that the bots are able to get around captcha.

  4. Mystech says:

    Regrettably captcha techniques seem to be failing everywhere. Even folks like Google and Wired are getting hit by captcha-proof spammers. 🙁

  5. Jennifer Mines says:

    If you decide not to pursue the Brythenica project, please consider donating the text to Red Button, eh? As a player I would be sad to see the information lost.

  6. Mystech says:

    Oh certainly, Jen. In the WORST case scenario, we manually clean out the spam and convert everything to static HTML or Word documents so they aren’t lost to the void.

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