Recent Views: The Mindscape of Alan Moore

The Mindscape of Alan MooreLast night I watched DeZ Vylenz’s documentary of graphic novelist, Alan Moore (Watchmen, V For Vendetta, From Hell, MIracleman, etc).  The first part of The Mindscape of Alan Moore focuses on Moore’s childhood, which was to say the least squalid, making his “escape” into the literature of graphic novels all the more amazing (or perhaps inevitable if you subscribe the great adversity/great works theory).

Moore quickly expands in a variety of theories, beliefs and pursuits from the role of commercial fame in modern society to belief systems versus organized religion and quantum mechanics.  While this might sound a bit like a ramble, if you can get past Moore’s love of drama (Tarot cards, ostentatious finger jewelry and facial hair that would shame a mammoth) he explores some very thought provoking ideas (which I won’t spoil for you).

The film itself utilizes a collage of photographs, illustrations, live action vinettes and panning stills of Moore’s work with Moore’s voice-over, as well as the Narrator’s, interspersed in between video segments with Moore.  Moore’s accent can get heavy and soft at times, so its possible to lose part of the dialogue if you aren’t attentive. You might consider turning on the subtitles (English, Spanish, Portuguese and French) as I did.

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