Android/T-Mobile G1 Wishlist, Part 2

Since my last round of whining was so productive, I thought I’d share my new G1 wish/todo list:

  • Tethered or Wireless Modem*
  • Screen Capture (onboard, not tethered SDK)
  • Adjust Font Sizes (icon and text)*
  • iTunes Synchronization (including Podcasts)* Sailing Media Sync
  • Video Recorder application
  • GPS Toggle application (from Home screen) (Toggle Settings)
  • A really GOOD Task Switcher application
  • Dedicated Google Reader App (Google Reader Mobile isn’t bad though)
  • File Explorer Application Android File Manager
  • Onscreen Keyboard (just occasionally I want one)
  • Mobile Google Docs Support for PDFs

* An application is under development or development has been announced.

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