Cosplay Rules

Ok, thanks for the Cosplay pictures from PAX and DragonCon, really.  While I do admire the hard work folks put into many of these outfits, seeing some of the more terrifying examples has inspired me to write the following.

Know Your Limits: Very few people can imitate the animated proportions of ‘toons. That’s fine, don’t worry about it. However, you should also concede that a former football linebacker is not going to make a convincing Sailor Moon.  And if you want to try anyway, aiming for “satirically funny”, you’ll hit “mind-rendingly disturbing” instead. Trust me.

Bad Hair Days: Given that many of the colors and styles characters possess defy the visible spectrum and certain laws of physics, no one is going to grief you for using a wig in your outfit.  However, please consider purchasing or renting a good quality wig. Otherwise, that stunning red bob you planned on will look more like Raggedy Anne after a three-day coke bender.

Props to Props: Some characters have those signature items that really pull the concept together.  For the love of god though, tame the Giant Paddle Swords.  I can’t tell if you’re going to fight or surf with that thing (I’m looking at you Ishigo).

Achilles’s Heel: You’ve got great makeup, stunning wardrobe, polished poses, but… you’re wearing sunglasses, tennis shoes or something else that just completely busts your gear.  Nothing will stand out more than that last little detail.  And that’s precisely when someone will immortalize you with a picture. I personally don’t ever recall Raiden wearing a digital calculator wristwatch.

LARPer Subtopic: Seriously, if a Vampiric Creature of the Night approaches me in a vinyl cape, I WILL give them candy and wish them better luck at the next house.   Also, fantasy heroes don’t wear black BDU pants.  I’ve checked the historical record of the Battle of Pelennor Fields extensively and I’m quite confident in this claim.

In closing, unless someone finally gets Pip into that Katsuragi number, please stop sending cosplay links.  🙂

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