Relief… It Has Arrived!

I’ve been a little anxious over the last week waiting for reports from Pipistrella to see if the dwarf lemon tree I got her arrived in good health (the commercial ritual of flowers is a bit hollow, imho). She’s often talked about having one, so I began doing my citrus research a while back. I chose this species because of its moderate size, year round production and indoor temperament. I ordered a medium tree (around 4-5′ tall) so that it would start producing immediately and hopefully resist the shock of transportation.

Still, when it came time I was a bit nervous. I ordered it sight-unseen and I don’t exactly have much experience with fruit trees, let alone mail order botany in general. I was delighted to learn that it arrived in excellent health and is a stunning specimen of dwarf lemon tree. I’m told it arrived exceptionally well packed, hydrated by root gel and only lost a few leaves during the journey. Pip says it already has several immature, quarter-inch, lemons growing on it (in February no less!).

I’m looking forward to seeing it in person on my next visit to North Carolina and snapping a photograph.

Now, I can’t help but visit the nursery’s web site over and over again thinking of what trees or plants best suit various friends and family members. My mother has been quiet vocal about owning an olive tree, but Seattle might be pushing our luck.

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  1. Sean says:

    That nursery link didn’t turn out quite right, it looks like. I like the idea of some fruit-bearing trees, though!

  2. Mystech says:

    The link should be fixed now… but I’m sure LJ is throwing a hissy about editing remotely or something. Almost afraid to look. 🙂

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