The March of Civilization

My new place takes another major leap towards being civilized (we covered fire and the wheel last week) with some good shelves. I went with the Expedit from good old IKEA because their modular nature allowed me to arrange them in some novel ways and also make them serve double duty as room dividers (they are presentable from both sides, unlike the Billy imho). Pipistrella’s throw pillows gifts look wonderful on the couch and they really add some much needed flair to it. And at the risk of quoting The Dude… “That rug really tied the room together.”

The kitchen got some much needed love with a few functional knick-knacks and much needed new set of dinnerware and flatware. My former “orphan” set has been pared down and will probably be phased out over time. At some point I need to get my wine and bar affairs in order. I’d like a small stock of the former on hand for entertaining as well as a simple set up of the latter to formulate the basic concoctions. A pair of tall stools for the island counter rounds things out.

The bathroom remains vexing. I cannot decide on precisely what to do with it in terms of color and texture.

Similarly the coffee table situation remains an enigma. Ah well, keep looking.

The giant closet of doom is my salvation. Stacks and racks, boxes and bins. Its the magician’s top hat I can pull things out of that I don’t need every day. In NYC or Tokyo this closet would have been listed as a “guest room”. 🙂

I still have one corner where I’d very much like to put an fitness unit. This small complex does not have facilities and the gyms in the Buckhead area seem typical of gyms everywhere… vanity contests and meat markets. I think a small combination bench, recumbant and rower would fit in this spot but my tape measure and I will have to visit a retailer to be certain.

The patio is on the back burner until the weather gets warmer, but then it’ll be host to some practical and experimental gardening.

Over all the entire unit is listed at 550sq feet but my calculations place the active living space at 400sq feet. While that may sound small, you’d be amazed what some efficient and practical planning will accomplish. I’m totally converted to the opinion that a single tenant doesn’t need more than 500sq feet. A co-habitor or a children change that slightly, of course, but I still content that overall we are drunk on footage as Americans. *throws a withering glare to the McMansions*

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3 Responses

  1. Mystech says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention the wall. I’ll put something up on them last once I’m certain of the final configuration of a few straggler furnishings.

  2. Amnxial says:

    Did you actually use the word “Flair”?

  3. Mystech says:

    Yeah, sorry about that. I’ll translate… “Soft thing not hurt eyes, feel good sit with.”

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