Georgia Non-Power

About an hour and a half ago my UPS kicked on and the power went out. Seamless and handy, but still annoying. Even if the darkness and chirp of the UPS hadn’t alerted my to our journey back to the Middle Ages, two other subtle clues would have prevailed…

Cyberduck’s cries of anguish from just a few blocks away and a Georgia Power truck high-tailing it OUT of the area. The latter strikes me as quite suspicious.

Still, a charged laptop and a blackberry recruited to serve as a modem helps soothe the pain of internet withdrawal.

Also got to make blueberry pancakes in a pitch-black kitchen on a gas stove wearing my hiking headlamp or as Cory calls it “mining for pancakes”. I rather like my Counter-Strike style dining. 🙂

Btw, its back on now. I expect to see a pro-rated outage credit on the monthly bill. 🙂

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