Comic Liquidation

I have a lot of comics… no really, LOTS. Perhaps enough to open a small store.  They need to go.  I’m setting aside one small box to keep (sentimental or ones I particularly enjoy revisiting).  The rest I’d like to sell off en masse.  Besides the usual suspects in (Oxford, Dr. No’s) can anyone recommend a bulk buyer?  Please keep in mind, we are talking about two SUV loads of comics so near Atlanta is a must.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Newton says:

    I went through a period where I tried to sell my comics when we were in Atlanta and I was unemployed. The problem I ran into was that everyone I spoke with (comic dealers) wanted to cherry pick the most valuable ones, rather than buying them all. For comparison, I estimate my collection was worth around 15 grand at the time.

    Good luck!

    p.s. How did it go with the effort to sell your games?

  2. Mystech says:

    Yeah, I’m not looking to raise funds by selling; just to get rid of them (they take up an enormous amount of space and I’m not really into comics that much any more). I’d be fine with cherry-picking and simply a “bulk” offer on the rest to get them out of storage mode. Barring that, I’ll send them to recycling.

    Sold a few games and cards, but I wouldn’t call it a commercial venture (none of this is). Good to see them go to people that will get some use out of them. The rest went directly to recycling.

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