Seattle; Discovery Park and Continuing Impressions

Discovery Park is this lovely 500+ acre hiking park on the Magnolia Peninsula in Seattle. We hiked the loop trail and then went down to the beach front. At 60, my mom is a hiking machine, whoa unto the young hipster that thinks he/she will be passing her on a trail. The aforementioned beach features an old style lighthouse and is one of those rugged, pebble-strewn beaches that make me think Pacific northwest.  I must bring Pip back here, even if its just for a shorter walk, as I suspect its a hideout for local selkies.

Afterwards we somehow managed to find a coffee shop (see below) for some much needed caffeine near a canal and had a rejuvenating cup while watching rowers and other boats make their way up and down the waterway. My sister steadfastly refuses to take me by “The Fremont Troll” (I think she thinks its too touristy). Thinking of adding the Gas Works Park into  my plans, but as I understand it, a large part of it is currently closed for renovations.

Also got to see where my sister works, Town Hall Seattle, a Christian Scientist Church in downtown that has been converted to a community cultural center.

Before you ask, no I won’t be trekking into the various hiking and camping opportunities outside Seattle. Just too little time and I’d rather spend it with loved ones.  Maybe some time in a future trip, though.

Continuing Observations

Although its already the topic of numerous cultural jokes, Seattle is indeed inundated with coffee shops.  Imagine combining the density of Waffle Houses in Georgia AND pubs in the UK and you are approaching the density of coffee shops in Seattle.

Best pieces of graffiti so far include:

  • Just Say No To Emo
  • Iraq… Phake War by a Phake Soldier (Bush Stencil follows)
  • This Space Reserved For Nothing in Particular, Enjoy.
  • Please Eat Me (on an apple tree overhanding a side walk)

Although I’ve only seen two tanning shops, they both looked very busy.  Let’s hear it for seasonal affective sunlight disorder!  🙂

Finally, I am taking pictures but my computer time is limited (seems rude to hop online when I’m surrounded by family), but I will try to get them uploaded after I return to Atlanta.

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  1. Roger says:

    Seems a long way to go for suicide.Or, didn’t you know that Seattle is supposedly the suicide capitol of America. Something to do with dismal weather, not to mention that huge volcano hovering directly overhead. Very pretty, but then again I’ve had long term relationships with pretty women and in the end-disaster. And any place where golf is not playable for over two thirds of the year cannot be made up for by excellent cafiene products.

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