Apple… Swing and a Miss

Expecting “oh wows” from the Apple show and got “meh” instead.  No touchscreen or widescreen on the “real” video iPod? No, let’s put it on the one with the low capacity 16gb flash drive? What the heck, Stevie? Has your anti-mouse button autism spread to encompass a hatred of high capacity, hard drive music players?  iPod classic?  Weak rehash at best.

iPhone changes (price break and discontinued 4gb model) are market adjustments and make them much closer to what they’re actually worth.  Apologies to all of you paid a $200 surcharge over the last few months (insert snicker here).  If you were holding off buying an iPhone because of price alone (as opposed to the MANY other reasons NOT to buy one), now is your time. Enjoy and be sure to end each call with “Thanks AT&T for making my call safe.”  🙂

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