Gamer “Garage” Sale

I’m cleaning out my gaming collection in a virtual “garage” sale. Available items can be on this page or as an Excel spreadsheet. The table is sortable by columns. Simple click on column header to sort contents. Multiple entries represent more than one copy an item, though condition may vary. Because of multiple printing editions of many games, I have included the ISBN number of the item where possible. Make an offer. If you are local to Atlanta, we can probably coordinate a rendevous or pickup. If you are not local, we can work out shipping costs. All sales are final, no reserves, first come—first serve. No trades or credit please. Questions or bulk offers welcome.

Thanks and take care.

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4 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    Let me know how this goes. I may need to have a similar sale myself at some point.

  2. Jesse Heinig says:

    How much for all of the Dark Sun items?

  3. Mystech says:

    Hey Jesse, what’s your current email address? I’ll contact you directly (and also get your current zip for an estimated s&h).

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