leaves.jpgLast night I dreamt that I figured out you could lick a dead leaf from a tree, stick it to your forehead and relive the spring it grew in for a few minutes. So, after trying all the trees where I lived, I started a web site where people could trade leaves with people all around the world.

So, I’ll trade you a couple magnolias and some mountain laurels for a sequoia leaf and/or a baobab leaf.

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3 Responses

  1. J. Ragland says:

    Bad news, I’m afraid. Sequoias, while beautiful, are conifers. They have needles, which take a long long time to fall to the ground.

    They do fall, though, but I’m nowhere near any of them. Should have asked me before I came back from California.

  2. Mystech says:

    Damn. *stares up the towering trunk of a sequoia* Do you think the park rangers would mind if I smuggled in a few hundred step ladders?

  3. J. Ragland says:

    You could probably just pick some up off the ground — but I doubt they’re all that fresh by the time they hit. ;]

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