Literary Update

Healthcliff is brooding; Cathy is haughty.

The Don’s library is being divvied up for burning.

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  1. tomdpimp says:

    I never got passed the first chapter of any Bronte sister novel. I meant to ask you what your opinion was of Slaughterhouse-Five?

  2. Mystech says:

    Depressing, Inspiring, Disorienting, Fatalistic & Optimistic. That is to say, I very much enjoyed it. Vonnegut’s dark wit never fails to stimulate thought, and almost always entertains. Slaughterhouse-Five definitely did both for me.

    On a personal, human note I was impressed and moved at how he transforms his own, real life experiences in WWII into a literary vehicle.

    I probably should do a Vonnegut reading list if/when I finish with the 50 Classics Project.

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