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  1. servingdonuts says:

    I was in Home Depot earlier today. You could get a CFL by signing a form (one with lots of blanks for names, like a pledge drive or petition) that said “I pledge to install this light in order to help reduce the risk of global climate change” (or words very similar to that).

    I didn’t bother getting one. I might have if it had said “I pledge to install this light because I’m getting it for free”, but I didn’t see any of those forms. They probably ran out of those early.

  2. Mystech says:

    God, you brave man. I salute your standing up for your principles. Who knows what sort of pledges they’d have us making next… loyalty, allegiance, object oriented programming. Your courage in drawing a line is an example to us all.


  3. servingdonuts says:

    If I’m going to sell out my principles, it’s going to be for a lot more than a funky light bulb. Even if it is kinda neat.

    Maybe if they threw in a nail gun. Those are pretty cool.

  4. implementor says:

    I replaced all of my lightbulbs with CF’s a while back :).

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