Loot from the Super H Mart

melon_bar.jpgSuper H Mart in Atlanta. Something entertaining about shopping in a store where 70{a31f233dcfb9a68fbfb0fafc3ce96f3dbf18fa49e3f406b8ddf4c360aa321eb6} or more of the labels are unintelligible to me.Alas, I left the big can of Wasabi-covered peas at my desk at work, but I’ll snag a picture of those as well, if you’re curious. Click on thumbnails above for larger images in the gallery. I’ll return to the store again soon with camera in hand and see if I can spot something really interest or some quality Engrish.mr_boss.jpg

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3 Responses

  1. Kt says:

    I love Super H Mart! I don’t know if they all do this, but the one I’ve been to has a HUGE fish market on the weekends (in front of the regular fish dept.), with all sorts of fish I’ve never heard of cleaned and fileted on demand. Plus the produce dept. is pretty cool too. I liked how there was one aisle labeled American.

  2. Mystech says:

    I wouldn’t doubt it if they did that at this location too. Unfortunately, the closest I got to the fish market on this trip was to witness a small cabal of elderly Korean ladies doing battle with a large bin full of live crabs determined to stay that way. I plan to go back again soon though, so I’ll check. I want to check out the video section they have as well.

  3. Victoria says:

    In Nashville, we have K & S World Markets. We keep saying we are going to buy a bunch of the dumplings in the frozen food and steam them up and have a taste-identifying party, with tasty adult beverages of course.

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