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REI continues to rock.  I went by Sunday morning to look at some stuff (longingly). They had a power issue (insert DST computer conspiracy here) and couldn’t open. Instead of the usual retail shrug and frown, the manager walked through the parking lot handing out 20% off any item, at any time discount cards to every person waiting.

Halliburton just relocated its executive staff, headquarters and main facilities to Dubai…. to avoid legal actions in the US and circumvent trade restrictions with Iran? Well, at least there will be one other country in the world that won’t charge Darth and Palpantine with war crimes once they’re out of office.

The RSS feed update/change notification option of the Wiki software I’ve been installing is really nice. Sends you a great update about recent changes formatted as a side-by-side comparison chart. I think I prefer this to email notification.

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  1. Mystech says:

    Nice work! They’ve done a really nice job of removing the Dark Side scarring and downplaying the ever present lust to consume still-beating human hearts that often shows on his face.

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