France to ban smoking in public

(BBC News) France is to ban smoking in all public places from next February, the prime minister has announced. Cafes, nightclubs and restaurants are to be given until January 2008 to adapt, said Dominique de Villepin. Those found in breach of the ban would be fined – 75 euros (£50) for individuals and 150 euros for the premises where the offence occurred. Passive smoking kills about 13 people a day in France, Mr de Villepin said, calling the situation “unacceptable”.

Mystech: I believe all major religious beliefs of the world will agree… the FRENCH banning public smoking is almost certainly a sign of the “End Times”. If you should run into Pipistrella and she seems to be in mourning, now you’ll know why.

Mr de Villepin made the announcement in a television interview.

“We started on the basis of a simple observation – two figures: 60,000 deaths a year in our country linked directly to tobacco consumption and 5,000 deaths linked to passive smoking.

“It is an unacceptable reality in our country in terms of public health,” he said.


Public places include stations, museums, government offices and shops, but not streets or private places such as houses or hotel rooms.

Mr de Villepin added the state would take charge of one-third of the costs of anti-smoking treatments, such as a patch.

“That would represent the first month of treatment,” he said.

Several countries have already taken similar measures.

Opinion polls in France – often considered a nation of smokers – suggest 70% of the people support the ban, says the BBC’s Valerie Jones in Paris.

The European Union’s most enthusiastic smokers are in Greece, Cyprus and Portugal, according to findings published in May this year.

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  1. Frenchmen without their gauloises? Sacre bleu!

  2. Lemon says:

    It’ll be illegal here by 2010.

  3. Mystech says:

    Tobacco illegal by 2010, Marijuana legal by 2015. My, but how the great wheel turns.

  4. Mystech says:

    Good for him. The RIAA so-called “legal actions” are just a self-funding terror campaign to try to bludgeon the public into submission for an outdated distribution method that benefits no one but themselves (certainly not the artists or consumers).

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