Monday Morning News Bits

You think your country’s border security is rough, try being a Tibetan. Monstrous patrols like this aren’t slated in the US until 2017 but its a good preview. The group of refugees included a nun and several children. [ Full Story | Video ] Link contains graphic video, may be unsuitable for some viewers and enviroments. 🙁

After being held, tortured and beaten for four years at Guatanamo one Iranian and sixteen Afghani detainees, were turned over to the International Red Cross. They had extracted from their home countries by American forces under the anonymous tips of neighbors and for owning firearms. [ Full Story ]

And finally on a somewhat lighter note… your babysitter is a wimp, at least compared to a babysitter in Idaho. Probably attracted by food, the black bear attempted to gain entry into the home where the 2 and 3-year old children were being watched. The babysitter shot and killed the 422-pound animal with a hunting rifle. According the article, the babysitter had a valid bear hunting tag. [ Full Story ]

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