Faux News and Bill Clinton

Oh beloved Faux News (occasionally known as Fox News) through the magic of video editting you almost, almost can score a point. That is, until Jon Steward gets hold of your footage.

Better luck next time, Chris Wallace. You haven’t looked like this much of an ass since you broadcast targetting information for a missile attack on Tel Aviv in real time (by sheer stupidity rather than malice, one assumes) on Nightline. By some miracle or misplaced courtesy, you are still allowed to use the term “journalist” in your job title.

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7 Responses

  1. Mystech says:

    Oh, too funny. Fox has already started trying to get the uneditted versions of the interview pulled off of YouTube!

  2. shamanwest says:

    Oh! That montage was FOX’s showing!

    See, I saw the interview on Countdown and it was, I’m guessing, what is on YouTube. It was more complete than the montage on the Daily Show.

    I avoid Fox News. I’ve tried watching it a few times, and felt my insides turn unpleasantly.

  3. Clinton’s next interview should be with Jon Stewart. Oh, wait some comedians need spliced footage to make themselves funny.

    Robin Williams would tear it up, though.

  4. Mystech says:

    Gee Dave, I’m not sure I’d call Wallace a comedian even if he does make use of heavily spliced footage. 🙂

  5. Pipistrella says:

    Okay, how can you not think Jon Stewart is funny? That’s plain weird.

    I did get to see the whole interview, and Stewart didn’t misrepresent it. It was pretty funny on its own – not the sort of evisceration Stewart himself pulled on Crossfire, just the words of a man who has had enough and doesn’t need to be polite anymore.

  6. Okay, Stewart is funny /some/ of the time. I just feel like a lot of his stuff is contrived. As far as the interview with Clinton – well, whatever gets his blood pressure elevated without invoking a cigar should be good for him, but jogging is always an option. Strangely enough, I backed him all the way up until he got caught lying to the American people. I think it would have been a greater indication of character if he would have just admitted it. Had enough? Jesus, if he had been worried about the country instead of how he was going to salvage his image, we might not have had to deal with 9/11. What a thought.

    George W, on the other hand is beginning to look like not just a liar, but a /deadly/ liar. It’s one thing if we have a President who can’t keep his business in his pants, it’s quite another if we have an incompetent with his finger on the big red button. His handling of privacy and prisoner issues puts him right up there with the third world dictators.

    Bottom line: I resent both of these so-called “world leaders”.

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