Update: THREE New Features at Cafe Arcane

I’ve added a voting booth/poll system and a random thumbnail image to the right sidebar of the site. Refreshing any page will update the thumbnail, which can also be clicked on to take you to the gallery in which the image resides. The current poll is for the Wiki article from earlier this week. Past polls will be archived and can be access via the “Previous Polls” feature (at the bottom of the poll box).
A couple folks have mentioned some frustration in following comments and discussion development back and forth between Livejournal and Cafe Arcane. I’ve added the ability to subscribe to post comments to the site, essentially providing email notification if a post you have chosen to monitor has received new comments. You’ll find the option at the bottom of the comment section of any post. You can subscribe with or without leaving a comment (for those lurker types, grin).

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