World of Warcraft Under Denial of Service Attack?

(Suicide Girls) World of Warcraft is experiencing lengthy downtime, and blaming its service provider for the outages. The virtual world, which now has more than 6 million users, also announced emergency maintenance outages overnight on a large number of game servers (known as “realms”).

Mystech:  This comes on the heels of WoW’s notorious DoCS (Denial of Customer Service) attacks on its customers.  😉

“We’d like to make all players aware that at this time our internet service provider is experiencing significant complications, and as a result the playability on a large portion of realms has been adversely affected,” said a message from Epifanio, Senior Game Master, on the WoW forums.. “Symptoms include but are not limited to lag, random disconnections and slow authentication. Our network technicians are doing everything in their power to work with our ISP so that this issue may be resolved as swiftly as possible.”

Netcraft believes that the outages may be the result of a Ddos, citing rather coincidental server maintenance following “complications” from Blizzard’s provider, AT&T.

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