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  1. implementor says:

    Unfortunately, the Military Commissions Act looks like a done deal. I believe it was passed last night by the Senate, which means the only things left before it is law are formalities, it will probably be signed next week.

    Here’s hoping for judicial review to step up to the plate. The courts have struck down a great many of Bush’s attempts to do the same things mentioned in this bill – however, it wasn’t law that had been passed by Congress – that holds a great deal more weight.

    This could be the real beginnings of a police state here.

  2. Mystech says:

    I have had no difficulty drawing analogies between the Bush architecture for a police state and general erosion of liberties and freedoms before this. This seems to just be the next logically step in establishing that police state.

    I wonder if I would be unreasonably passionate in theorizing the “emergency” extension of a president’s reign in the face of “overwhelming danger”? But that’s probably a thread outside the realm of this post.

    Worthwhile article, Decimating the Constitution with Military Tribunals,

  3. implementor says:

    I think that it’s probably just the most concrete step. Yes, you can see the reactionary things that were done immediately after 9/11, such as passing the PATRIOT Act, and the continued things that Bush has done with the Executive Branch. However, I’ve been hopeful that the PATRIOT Act would be repealed in whole or in part, this almost happened last year, and the reset button is hit on the Executive Branch with every new President. However, this dismantling of fundamental liberties that have been recognized in western societies for over 700 years is way beyond that, and firmly puts us on the path toward a police state, IMHO. Until now, it’s been more of a pendulum swing in one direction, now, however, the pendulum has flown off the clock.

  4. Mystech says:

    Another great article worth a read. Some of the comments are quite passionate (pro and con) and might be a bit intense for some though. Wildly passionate vulgarist that I am, I was just fine. 🙂

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